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About Caring Hearts Professional Counseling Services, LLC


At Caring Hearts Professional Counseling Services, LLC, we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality of care. Through a combination of compassion, knowledge, and respect, we work with children, teens, adults and families to encourage personal growth and development.  It is our goal to assist clients and their families in fulfilling their goals and improving quality of life.

Our Goals at Caring Hearts PCS

  • To evaluate and plan for behavioral health needs of our community.
  • To provide accessible, effective, and efficient behavioral health services.
  • To advocate for the rights and needs of individuals with behavioral health challenges.
  • To engage in active outreach to assure prevention, early intervention, and coordination of services to reduce the impact of behavioral health disorders for the individuals and community we serve.
  • To continually measure the outcome of the services provided to assure effectiveness, efficacy, fiscal accountability.

Exclusionary Criteria: 

1) Persons whose primary diagnosis is mild, moderate, severe or profound mental retardation with no behavioral health diagnosis.
2) Persons with acute behavioral, mental health disorder, or substance abuse disorder requiring twenty-four hour skilled/medical care.
3) Violent persons, immediate danger to self or others.
4) Persons residing in a nursing facility or ICFMR where facilities provide rehabilitation care within that program.
Caring Hearts Professional Counseling Services, LLC, Counseling, Tulsa, OK