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Coping Skills & Self-Care
Coping Skills

Exercise (running, walking, etc.)
Write (poetry, stories, journal)
Scribble/doodle on paper
Be with other people
Watch a favorite TV show
Go see a movie
Do a word-search or crossword
Play a musical instrument
Study the sky
Punch a punching bag
Let yourself cry
Take a hot shower or a relaxing bath
Play with a pet
Go shopping
Clean something
Knit or sew
Read a good book
Listen to music
Try some aromatherapy 
(candle, lotion, room spray)
Bake cookies

9 Steps to Taking Care of Yourself

Tell yourself that you do matter

Be extra nice to yourself

Be patient with yourself

Invest in yourself. Follow your dreams

Recognize when you are in problems over your head 

Say no to situations or people that you know could trigger you in a negative way 

Think about things that happened in the past, and learn from them so you don't repeat the same pattern

Focus forward. Self-care means moving ahead, not looking back

Be proud of yourself. Declare victory when things go well.